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Alternatives 2004

Clearinghouse to host Alternatives 2004

The 19th annual Alternatives conference, the only national mental health conference organized by and for mental health consumers and survivors, will be held from October 13 to 17, 2004, at the Marriott Denver City Center in Denver, Colorado.

The theme of Alternatives 2004 — “Achieving the Promise of Recovery: New Freedom, New Power, New Hope” — was chosen to echo the title of the report of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health: “Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America.” If you would like to be informed of conference news as it develops please subscribe to our low-volume listserv. Please click the following link for more information about subscribing to the Key Listserv.

If you have specific questions, please contact our meeting planner, Horizon Meetings Inc., at 1-800-776-1286 or

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Alternatives 2004 Important Documents

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The West Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association has established the Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center (Contac), which is located in the state’s capitol city of Charleston.

A national technical assistance center, Contac serves as a resource center for consumers/survivors/ex-patients and consumer-run organizations across the United States, promoting self-help, recovery and empowerment. Contac was developed utilizing research on ideal consumer self-help programs, successful consumer-run programs, community support service philosophy about service delivery, descriptions of mature mental health systems, and management and leadership skills.

An exemplary state-wide consumer-run organization, the WV Mental Health Consumers Association recognizes the need for developing skills and supports necessary for the success of consumers, ex-patients, survivors, and consumer-run organizations. Contac utilizes continuous quality improvement methodology in order to direct services to areas of greatest need. A Consumer Advisory Council and two Technical Advisory Groups help provide hands-on guidance.

      index.1.jpg (1137 bytes) Our Vision

A United Consumer/Survivor/Ex-patient Driven Behavioral HealthCare System.

    index.2.jpg (1285 bytes)Our Mission

We believe that all people have the right to adequate housing, food, clothing, education, healthcare and employment. These rights must be guaranteed to all human beings irrespective of race, class, color, gender, sexual identity, age, religion creed, national origin, disability or ability to pay. We also believe that we must act justly on behalf of people that have, or have had a mental or emotional illness and insure the right and support to seek recovery from these illnesses.

    index.1.jpg (1137 bytes)Organizational Profile

The Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center of the The West Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association, Incorporated [also known as WVMHCA], is a not-for-profit service agency created to organize a mental health consumer network throughout the United States;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To provide a forum for exchanging information to end stigma in the field of mental illness;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To achieve the best possible community mental health system for all citizens based upon our unique mental health consumer experience and perspective;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To provide primary consumer input into the affairs of all mental health providers;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To provide a means to help provide empowering support to all consumers in our search for appropriate health care, employment, housing, and other supports;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To provide a meaningful voice to consumers so to communicate our needs on issues directly impacting our lives;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To ensure that these concerns are heard and not discounted through consumer and public education and advocacy so as to eliminate discrimination and stigma;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To provide emotional support to and from consumers;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) To research consumer empowerment, satisfaction and quality of life issues;

tbullet11[1].gif (1030 bytes) And to demand that all consumers are treated with the dignity and humanity due to all human beings.

index.2.jpg (1285 bytes)Contact Information 

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P.O. Box 11000 Charleston, WV 25339
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