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What is SAMHI?

Substance Abuse Mental Health Information (SAMHI) Online is a publicly funded site designed to help consumers, families, and professionals locate services and information relating to mental health, addiction, and mental retardation services in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Consumers and Families

SAMHI's goal is to provide families and consumers with the information they need to make an informed choice in the behavioral health care. The specific services that it offers includes:

Professionals and Providers

For professionals, SAMHI is a rich and readily accessable resource of local treatment agency information. With providers offering services for persons with mental health, addiction, and mental retardation related needs, SAMHI helps you better serve the individuals in your care.

Need to make a referral? Search for providers based on the individual's needs. Review the capabilities and location of those providers with the person and family seeking treatment. Get current contact information to help people get the services they most need.

Creation of SAMHI

SAMHI On-line is funded in part by the Mental Health Board of the City of St. Louis and is a product of The Community Development Agency of the City of St. Louis, the BJC Behavioral Health, and the Missouri Institute of Mental Health of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

SAMHI is based on the results a mailed survey to Missouri providers in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Surveys were sent to agencies funded by the St. Louis Mental Health Board or the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Additional agency names were selected from local telephone directories. Questionnaires were initially mailed in the Fall of 2000 and responses were collected into the spring of 2001. More than Forty-three different treatment providers are included in these listings who, as a group, offer more than 191 different treatment programs at 72 different sites.

Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of this information. However if errors are noted please contact us so that they may be corrected.

Sponsoring Agencies
BJC Health Care Mental Health Board MIMH UMC

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